FFL Events

plus-awards-2013 girlApril |  Annual PLUS Awards, Brunch & Auction

The PLUS Awards links together gatekeepers in the political, corporate and community arenas and advocates to recognize their achievements and efforts in making a difference in the lives of others. The PLUS Awards is an annual fundraiser that benefits Forgiving For Living, Inc., a nonprofit organization designed to give solutions to issues of hate, anger, bitterness and the inability to forgive. FFL's objective is to help promote and restore mental wellness and provide mentorship to individuals who have dealt with issues of abuse, abandonment, and low self-esteem while aiding in the restoration of one's self-confidence and direction in life on the path to forgiveness. 


conference 2013 girlsOctober |  Healthy, Wealthy & Wise Forgiveness Conference

The Healthy, Wealthy, & Wise Conference is an Annual event designed to provide information and awareness in the areas of developing and leading healthy lifestyles, fitness & nutrition, financial literacy, college preparedness, self-esteem, and goal setting. Working professionals donate their time by providing valuable tools and knowledge in their areas of expertise in our workshops. These tools and information are provided to assist the youth with making wise choices in life.


workshop-audienceVarious Dates |  Mentoring Workshops